5 in 5 Challenge: Five projects in five days!

This challenge aimed to push boundaries of my own creative process as a designer. The only goal was starting and finalizing one project in 24 hours and keep designing new and different projects every following day for 5 days. There were no limitations in terms of themes or concepts.


Day 1: Automaton

Automaton is a visualization experiment of a short story named as “The Villa in Acibadem” written by Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar. In this story, there is a character who desperately try to transform his old style house to a more modern place with his ironic and unpractical inventions. He invents and builds a bath in the house which is not really useful and full of futile metallic remnants. There is a paragraph that includes a brief description of the bath:

“….the bathroom was the fruit of not only his imagination but also of his faults. In all truth, with its stove and boiler which resembled a locomotive standing on its head, with all the paddlewheels, big screws, faucets, pipes and spiral pipes on its walls, all the gadgets jutting from its corners, it resembled, rather than a bathroom, a ship’s brand-new engine room, or a central heating system burning some unknown fuel, or a place where all kinds of highly delectable and cruel tortures were being carried out.”

Day 2: Save the Path

This application visualizes any travel experience and transforms the experience into a tangible memorial.  When the users want to track their movements during a trip, this tool stores their path day by day. At the end, it creates a range of the vector images to put on the wall or get inked on user's body as a tattoo. Users can print one of the images stylized by the app and put their memories on the wall as a memorial.


Day 3: Nigde Gazoz

Nigde is a city in Turkey and it is famous for a soda flavored with raspberry. In this project's scenario, the company decides to expand their market and start to sell their products in the US. Therefore, I redesigned their logo and label by influencing their authentic branding.  

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Day 4: Find the Moon | Find the Sun

This application reminds people that there is a sky to look, even in Manhattan! When I am walking at Manhattan Streets I mostly feel like I am lost. It is not quite possible to see the sky or the sun and the moon, because of that it is really hard to orient myself in the city. By focusing on this issue, I created this AR betting game to make the Manhattan’s sky visible again. This small game requires at least two players. The prompt is finding the target (the moon or the sun depending on the time of day) as fast as possible by placing the phone towards the high-rise buildings and the sky. Whoever finds the actual location of the target first, s/he is the winner of the bet. 


Day 5: Toy Model

Toy Model focuses on improving the haptic perception of children. Most of the toys in the market are made of plastic and there are not too many products focusing on improving the haptic perception of children. I wanted to make a flexible toy that gives an opportunity to the kids to experience different kinds of textures. These boards are of a size that can easily be grasped and there are different size of modules.  Each covered by different kind of materials like cotton yarn, plywood, ceramic, reinforced glass, wire mesh etc. Inside the modules, there are magnetic bands which allow to stick the modules together and create a variety of models.


I work at the intersection of product, research & strategy, bringing a heavy sense of system thinking to my digital work. Currently based in New York, designing solutions at Squarespace to help people build and grow their business.

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