This board game has been designed with the intention of creating a medium to examine a historically valuable neighborhood by looking at one of its building complexes and providing information about it to people. The purpose of the game is to find the apartment where an old woman lives in. Multiple players could play the game and there are certain ‘tips’ for finding out the correct answer. The tips are based on the personal story of Muzeyyen Hanim (the lady I interviewed with) and the other historical and architectural information about the building complex.

Project: Architectural Design M.Sci. Elective Course
Role: Research, Experience Design, Visual Design
Team: Solo project


Atakoy, the neighborhood in which one of the first mass housing projects of Istanbul was built, is of great importance for the history of the city.  I wanted to acquire information on this particular building complex, which is not included in the books. For this purpose, I conducted an oral history study and made an interview with an 87 years old lady who has been living there since the construction of the building complex in 60's. The design of the model for the board game is inspired by ‘toy blocks’ addressing the phenomenon behind the mass housing projects, the game itself became a tool to tell the story of Muzeyyen Hanim and Atakoy.


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