WonderLandAR is a set of interactive experience that helps children patients in dealing with hospital phobia during their hospital journey. It transforms the hospitals and local clinics into interactive and playful environments with using AR and AI technology. For instance, waiting time at hospitals generally, increase children’s and parents’ anxiety. Physicians may lose a lot of time and energy for convincing children even before simple examinations. WonderLandAR aims to provide an affordable service financially and experience wise for both customers and users. 

WonderLandAR awarded $5000 Grants by NYC Media Lab & Publicis Health. As a part of the 6 Weeks Accelerator Fellowship Program, we received mentorship from NYC Media Lab, Publicis Health, and guest industry leaders.

Project | NYC Media Lab & Publicis Health AR + Health 6-Week Accelerator Program
Role | Business Plan Development, Customer and User Research, MVP Development
Skills | Design, Prototyping, Human Relations
Team | Tuba Ozkan, Misung Kim, Taeyeon Kim

Customer & User Research

We conducted fifty (50) customer and user interviews during 6 weeks period. By presenting customer insights and project development every week to the experts and our mentors, we developed our project weekly. We interviewed with children hospitals, pediatricians, and parents to learn about the process of their experience, to understand better the strengths and weaknesses of our idea. Every week, we pivoted our business plan according to the customer insights and our market research.



Market Research: Market Size, Revenue Model and Petal Diagram

channel economics-03

Customer Insights

"Waiting time is the biggest problem for both my kid and me." - Parent & Patients

"Before the treatment, I walk through the procedure that the patient will take and convincing the patient sometimes takes up to one hour." - Pediatricians

User Journey 


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