The DeadEnd(s)

The content of the booklet is based on the knowledge acquired during the course and the parallel experiences that the city of Istanbul has provided. It focuses on the contradictions between architectural theory and practice that could be easily observed in the city. This endless reality regarding the dead-end(s) of the city in a metaphorical sense and the discussion of the issue has been expressed in the form of a personal manifesto in the booklet.

Project | Architectural Design Theory Course
Role | Research, Design, Print
Tools |  Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
Team | Tuba Ozkan


Research Process, Mind Map

The stable information on the sheet includes overlapping layers such as the knowledge acquired from the seminars, which were part of the course, general knowledge regarding the cultural and social history of the world especially with regard to architecture, and my personal comments on these dimensions. The interactive part of the design relies on the following idea: ‘to create an unlimited number of mind-maps by using the same concepts.’ The end result has been designed for an exhibition as an interactive mind-map providing the individuals who visit the exhibition with the opportunity to create their personal mind-maps.

 Selected Works