The project has aimed to make use of the thermal performance of the natural stone and also the hygienic sense of the material constituted by its unique texture. Termolit, formed as a monolith stone block, offers a system that senses the outdoor temperature and serves as a heater on cold days or as a cooler on hot days. The heating and cooling system inside the monolith structure uses the grey water to produce the required energy. Termolit has the power to gather all the creatures around itself in a public space. Variations of the block present different kinds of spatial experiences to the users such as sitting, lying, treading, and holding.

Project | 4. Natural Stone Competition, 1st place (in 353 projects)
Role | Concept Development, Visualization
Tools | Sketch Up, Vray, Photoshop
Team Members | Benek Cincik, Tuba Ozkan, Ozgun Yuceturk, Emre Ozdemir


 Selected Works