Redesign Challenge: Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the digital products I find very useful. It helped me to find a safe place during my trips many times. While using the mobile app, I saw a potential for improvement on product's key features, and I decided to challenge myself for adding value to the product through improving the visual design. 

Design Questions

Users engage with the experience more when a digital platform communicates with them with simple visual language. Even though Airbnb does not have a text-heavy interface, there are usually long paragraphs when hosts introduce their interests and lifestyles. Users might find it hard to catch the critical information in a long text. At that point, minimalist visuals referring the main ideas in the paragraph might help a lot.

1 | How might I design a common visual language that represents users' lifestyles and communicates with all users effectively?
2 | What if Airbnb enables its users to find their best matches according to their lifestyles?


Design Solution

To come up with a holistic solution to these design problems, I designed an additional feature to Airbnb. This new feature offers two new user scenarios:

1 | Hosts and seekers can match with each other according to their lifestyles if they enable this new "Match Me" option.  This option is based on an algorithm that basically connects users if they have common lifestyle parameters in their profiles.
2 | It enables users to represent their lifestyles with the minimal visual elements. Humorous visuals give the first impression about a user to another one.

Matching Lifestyles


User Experience Mockup


Icon Design for Some Lifestyle Parameters


 Selected Works