Yedikule Gasometer

The project area is located on the historical peninsula of Istanbul where old gasworks and railway services still survive and remind the industrial past of the city. The proposal sets out to provide an answer to the fundamental question of Sola Morales “How can architecture act in the Terrain Vague without becoming an aggressive instrument of power and abstract reason?” The aim has been to preserve the uncanny feeling that emerges in this area by questioning the limits of ‘design without designing.’ There is a circular-interactive structure included in the main Gasometer building, which is activated by the movement and sound of the citizens. The form of the structure reacts to the behaviors of the users. The Gasometer thereby continues to illuminate the city as it did in the previous decades. The wild landscape of the area remains as it is hosting various public events.

Project | Architecture as a Medium for Cultural Continuity Competition
Role | Design Process, Spatial Design, Visual Design
Tools | Adobe Creative Suite, SketchUp, Vray
Team Member | Emre Ozdemir, Tuba Ozkan


 Selected Works