Communitology Project

This collaborative project had two simple but challenging goals: build upon the success of Concrete Safaris' "Green Exercise Days" volunteering events through better onboarding training; and, create greater connections between volunteers and East Harlem communities.  In this Collab Studio, my team and I came up with user experience solutions for problems related to volunteer processes by using co-design practices and iterative design processes to prototype.

*Concrete Safaris ( is an afterschool program for East Harlem youth which provides health education, physical activity, and community transformation project design and implementation. Concrete Safaris benefits from hundreds of volunteers each year operating in a variety of capacities, both short- and long-term. 

Project | MFADT 2017 Collaborative Studio: Communitology with Concrete Safaris 
Role | Design Research, Visual Design, Prototyping, User Testing, Production
Tools | Illustrator, Photoshop, Laser Cutter
Team Members | Tuba Ozkan (Design Lead), Eduarda Aun (Urban Designer), Rose Kramer, Hsuan Lin, Sarah Fried 


Phase 1: Brief & Site Visit

IMG_2695 copy

Phase 2: User Research: Volunteer Day at Urban Gardens


Design Questions

1 | How might we have volunteers understand and better engage with the context and the goals of the community gardens within Concrete Safaris?
2 | What if we explain the goal of community gardens within Concrete Safaris and the process of working there visually in a video to be displayed on their website or other volunteer platforms? 
3 | What if we design an icebreaker game which introduces volunteers to each other and provides information about the past and present of the neighborhood?
4 | What if we design a flexible and interactive map of the garden with a layout of the activities that ease the process of distributing roles and objectives of each task?


User Tests

IMG_6025 copy

Phase 2: Iterations and Third Meeting


User Tests

xcvs copy

Final Deliverables: Volunteer Guidebook, Maps of Gardens, Role Cards and Role Pins


 Selected Works