The locale of the project is a small town with a hot climate on the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey. The project site is located on a natural hill with a wonderful landscape and from where entire town and seashore could be observed. The hill has been divided into two parts as required by the design decision: the top and the hillside. While the main building springs from the top of the hill, the pedestrian paths are on the hillside leading the residents of the town up to the hill easily on foot. The building has a linear eave and it is aptly positioned to enjoy the nice view and functions as an urban balcony with a landscape. It provides shady open spaces that can be frequented on hot days by the residents of the town.

Project | Anamur Atatepe Social Center Architectural Project
Role | Design Process, Visual Design
Tools |  Adobe Creative Suite, SketchUp, Cinema  4D
Team Member | Tuba Ozkan, Ozge Dinc 


 Selected Works